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EZ Ziplocker Offers Convenience for RV Owners

Posted by on 5/15/2016 to RV Awnings and Covers

New Shade Solution for RV Awnings

Tired of getting out your step ladder every time you want to shade the area under your RV patio awning? Carefree of Colorado has come out with a new product that you should take a look at. It's called the EZ Zipblocker.

Traditionally, to use a Sun Shade with your RV's patio awning, you would need to slide the entire shade along the free slot on the roller. Then, when you were done, you needed to slide it back out. Besides the hassle involved, all this sliding back and forth adds wear and tear to the fabric.

Enter the EZ ZipBlocker

RV Awning Shade

Rather than utilizing a single length of fabric, the EZ ZipBlocker is made from two pieces of polyester mesh that zip together. The top piece connects to the awning roller and stays there, rolling up with the awning when not in use. When ready for extra shade, all you need do is zip the bottom piece to the top piece.

Easy to use EZ Zipblocker from Carefree<

The EZ ZipBlocker is made with a durable vinyl-coated open-weave polyester that blocks almost 85% of the light to keep you cool and comfortable without blocking your view. Stakes and tie-downs are included so that your ZipBlocker will stay in place during breezy conditions. A 1-year factory warranty is included.

If you have any questions about this or any other Carefree product, give Blue Gator a call at 239-652-0916.

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