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How To Assemble A 3 Bow Carver Bimini Top

Posted by Anderson on 8/28/2017 to Boat Covers
Carver Bimini Tops are a classy way to protect yourself and your boat from the elements. They also add style and color to your boat. These instructions make assembly and installation easy. Please read them carefully  before beginning.
These instructions show how to assemble the top, with its frame and straps, starting upside down and inverting to an upright position when attaching to your boat.
Step 1. Spread the Bimini Top canvas out on a flat, clean area with the bottom side up. Sewn-in label indicates the bottom, or inside, and the back of the top.
Step 2. identify the hook shaped, long, medium, and short bow side frame parts. Using the long bow side frame parts, and one of the center bow frame parts, assemble the side bow and center bow parts, and aligning the pre-drilled holes. Use the 1/2”, no. 8 screws to connect the bow parts securely.
Step 3. repeat this procedure for the medium and short bows, aligning the pre-drilled holes and securing them with 1/2”, no. 8 screws.
Caution: If screw heads become burred, cover heads with duct tape to avoid damage to canvas.
Step 4. With bows assembled, first pass medium bow assembly through sleeve in front of top. (This is the sleeve opposite the end with the sewn-in tag.) Note the position of the single pre-drilled holes on the bow frame.  (Holes should be facing  in.)
Step 5. Pass the short bow assembly through the small sleeve in the center of the top and the long bow assembly through the sleeve at the back of the top. Again note the position of the single pre-drilled holes on the long bow frame. (Holes should be facing in.)
Step 6. Pass the buckled end of the adjuster strap through opening in fabric and around long bow. Thread looped  end  through  buckle. Pass the looped end of the strap over the end of the short bow and slide down into position directly across from opening      in fabric where buckled end is attached. (See illustration.) Leave   at maximum length. repeat this step for the second strap. See enlargement.
Step 7. Pass looped end of each hold down strap over each end of the long and medium bows. Use a no. 8, 1/2” screw to fasten strap to bow frame at each pre-drilled hole position. Position strap over hole and insert screw, with finish washer, through center of strap and into pre-drilled hole.
Step 8. Connect short frame ends to jaw slides on each side of long bow frame. repeat for medium frame ends jaw slides should allow short bows to pivot, but be tight enough to hold securely.

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